To rent a car from Rent a car Skopje is necessary to submit the following documents:
• A valid driver’s license at least one year driver;
• ID card or passport, permanent address and address in Macedonia boat;
• Citizens of countries outside the European Union need to implement an international driving license;
• Mandatory requirement is a valid credit card;
The minimum age for driver who rents a vehicle is 23 years. Minimum experience of the driver (Owner) is:
• 1 year of classes: MCMR, MDMR, ECMR, FVMR
• 2 years of classes: CDMR, IDMR, SDMR, FDMR, FVMRPeriod
Minimum day of rental, 1 day.

Fine “Limitation of liability in damages or theft”
Fine for “damage” and a fine for “theft” Now therefore, included in the rental price and in such cases reduce the responsibility of the lessee the following amounts corresponding to the group to which he belongs car:


Travelling abroad
Renting abroad are possible and paid a fine of 30,00 EUR. For more information please contact the Office of Rent a car Skopje.

Winter gear
In the period from November 31 to March 31 is added mandatory winter equipment for every day of the tenancy. The fine is 5,00 EUR per day, and includes winter tires, antifreeze, snow chains, screen wipers, cleaner ice, and more.

Road assistance
Road assistance – 2,00 EUR.

Additional equipment
Navigation system – 5.00 EUR
Baby / Child seat car – 5,00 EUR
Additional equipment can be taken if the rent is paid in advance.

Additional driver
A fine of 3.00 EUR per day for each additional driver.

Lack of fuel
All cars are rented bike with a full tank and should also be returned. If missing fuel at the time of return is charged at 3.50 euros for a liter of diesel or petrol.

Loss of documents, keys and registration plates
In case of loss of documents, keys or registration plates of the car is charged a fine of EUR 200,00.

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